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No:  ITM/K/10546                                                                                            Date:Jan,2021

Subject: Workshops on New Amendments in PPRA Rules
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am pleased to inform you that Federal Government  and Punjab Government has made significant amendments in PPRA Rules. Salient features of the amendments are as under:

  • Introduction of framework agreement and call off order for procurement of continuously or repeatedly needed goods, works and services.
  • Selection of most advantageous bid instead of lowest evaluated bid.
  • Permission of e-procurement as an alternate for conventional procurement process.
  • Process of dealing with unsolicited project proposal.
  • Permission of bid discounts and negotiations.
  • Selection of single responsive bid.
  • Letter of credit and incoterms.
  • Enhancement of financial limits for petty purchases and request for quotation.

On the Participation in fifteen workshops organized by Institute of Tender Management, The successful participant will be awarded the diploma in Procurement Management by Institute of Tender Management.

Institute of Tender Management is organizing a series of workshops for better understanding of Procurement Rules. The details are as under:


Sr. No

Workshops Topics

PC Hotel Karachi


 PPRA Rules /SPPRA & New Amendments 2020

11th Feb, 2021


How to evaluate “Most Advantageous Bid”.

12th Feb, 2021


Disposal and Commercial Transactions in Public Procurement

13thFeb, 2021

Time: 9 AM To 5 PM,

Facilities offered:Course Material, Lunch, Tea, and Certificate.

Workshop Fee: Rs. 15,800/- Plus PST. Per Participant Per Workshop Per Day.
Bank Account Title:  Institute of Tender Management

Note: Please send your nomination through e-mail on the following ID’s

itmlahore1@gmail.com, itmlahore@hotmail.com

In house training / consultancy can also be arranged at your department.




Raheela Naseem                                                                                

Program Manager