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No:  ITM/RP/10546                                                                                      Date:  Feb,2021

Subject: Workshops on New Amendments in PPRA Rules 2004
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am pleased to inform you that Federal Government and Punjab Government  has made significant amendments in PPRA ordinance and Rules. Salient features of the amendments are as under:

  • Disposal and Commercial Transaction now part of Public Procurement.
  • Introduction of framework agreement and call off order for procurement of continuously or repeatedly needed goods, works and services.
  • Selection of most advantageous bid instead of lowest evaluated bid.
  • Permission of e-procurement as an alternate for conventional procurement process.
  • Process of dealing with unsolicited project proposal.
  • Permission of bid discounts and negotiations.
  • Selection of single responsive bid.
  • Letter of credit and incoterms.
  • Enhancement of financial limits for petty purchases and request for quotation.


Institute of Tender Management is organizing a series of workshops for better understanding of these amendments. The details are as under:


Sr. No

Workshops Topics

PC Hotel Rawalpindi 


 New Amendments in PPRA Ordinance and Rules.

25th Feb, 2021


Disposal and Commercial Transactions in Public Procurement”.(New Amendments)

26th Feb, 2021


Time: 9 AM To 5 PM,

Facilities offered:Course Material, Lunch, Tea, and Certificate.

Workshop Fee: Rs. 15,800/- Plus  PST. Per Participant Per Workshop Per Day.
Bank Account Title:  Institute of Tender Management

Note: Please send your nomination through e-mail on the following ID’s

itmlahore1@gmail.com, itmlahore@hotmail.com









Raheela Naseem                                                                                

Program Manager